AI and Dataiku: The Future of Banking

In a market where customers have increasingly more choices to meet their financial needs, Dataiku Solutions bring an analytics and AI-powered edge to all parts of the business. Pre-built projects and ready-to-use templates accelerate the delivery of your AI roadmap while also providing the governance and explainability features required in today’s regulatory environment.

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Give Customer Management an AI-Powered Edge

With ever-shifting consumer demands and competitive environments, banks need to continually innovate to provide a modern, customer-focused experience. Get there faster with Dataiku Solutions.

Customer Segmentation for Banking

Deepen customer insight and success with machine learning segmentation.


Customer Satisfaction Reviews

Turn customer engagement into actionable insights by integrating reviews across selling strategies to develop loyalty.


Distribution Spatial Footprint

Conduct a spatial exploration of your distribution network. Answer strategic questions on coverage and competitive positioning.


Next Best Offer for Banking

Enhance the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and advisory activities through intelligent targeting, product-offer personalization, and in depth customer insights


Hone Risk Management Processes for Even More Efficiency

Today's risk management processes are highly complex, but that doesn't mean they're fully optimized. Quickly boost capabilities by integrating machine learning and other advanced techniques into existing setups with Dataiku Solutions.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Alert Triage

Quickly integrate alert prioritization into an existing AML processes with agile model review capabilities.


Credit Card Fraud

Enhance existing credit card fraud practices by leveraging machine learning alongside business rules.


Credit Scoring

Accelerate and enhance credit scoring via interactive scorecards and machine learning techniques.


Enhance Operational Efficiency & Resilience

During strained economic periods with increased cost pressures, making teams across the organization even more efficient and resilient to change comes into focus. Dataiku Solutions help get banks up and running with these initiatives even faster.

Process Mining

Create a visual map of your processes based on readily available process logs. Quickly deep-dive into specific processes, analyze outliers, and apply powerful statistical techniques to enable remediation & optimization efforts.


FX P&L Impact Modeling

Quickly and collaboratively evaluate the impact of foreign exchange rate changes on costs and revenues. Ease discussions with business teams on performance, budget decisions, investments, hedging, and more.


Financial Forecasting

Transform your forecasting process by streamlining your data process and improve accuracy through machine learning.

Financial Forecasting

Do Even More With Dataiku

Generalized Linear Models

This plugin makes it possible to train, score, and deploy Generalized Linear Models from the VisualML interface.

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The Neo4j plugin allows DSS users to read and write from/to the Neo4j graph platform. Neo4j offers a popular database and language (Cypher), which lets users query and analyze graph data structures.

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Tesseract – OCR

This plugin provides recipes to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) using the Tesseract engine

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Model Fairness Report

Get insight about the fairness metrics of a model

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Dataiku really provides value for a beginner user — if we have someone who is familiar with just a little bit of SQL, they can use Dataiku. But it’s also for the power user. That’s what distinguishes Dataiku from the competitors. We’ve seen products that are stronger on the BI side, but they lack the maturity for professional users. And we’ve seen tools that are great for professional users, but for beginners, you’re totally lost. Dataiku has a great balance of supporting both entry-level users and power users who want control of exactly what’s happening.

The speed with which Dataiku is releasing new functionality is incredible — Dataiku is leading in the data science and the advanced analytics market.

Roel Dirks - Business Architect Data Science at Rabobank

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