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Dataiku Concepts Overview

Learn the core Dataiku concepts, including datasets, the lab, the flow, recipes, and collaboration.

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Connect to Data

Learn how Dataiku connects to your existing infrastructure; including fetching data from remote sources, accessing cloud storage -and data through plugins.

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Data Preparation

Learn how to prepare data with Dataiku visual recipes and through use cases.

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Machine Learning

Learn how Dataiku makes it easy to build machine learning models, deploy them to a production environment, and score new records.

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Data Visualization

Learn how to create charts, dashboards, and web apps in Dataiku.

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From Excel To Dataiku DSS

With Dataiku you can do all the operations and analytics you're used to in Excel, while making the most of its big data capabilities! Get our guidebook now!

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AI Operationalization

Dataiku DSS has features for monitoring and scheduling, an automation node for deployment to production and real time scoring. Learn more on our portal!

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Working with Code

Dataiku lets you access and process the data using your favorite coding language, use the notebooks to prototype your recipes. Check out the use cases!

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Dataiku API's

Learn the Dataiku APIs, including datasets, the lab, the flow, recipes, and collaboration.

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Administration of Dataiku DSS

Learn about the set up and maintenance of Dataiku DDS. Find out if your environment is ready for installation and how to connect to all your databases.

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Big Data Architecture

Learn how Dataiku leverages Hive, Impala, Spark, H2O, partitions, and other elements of your big data environment.

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