Process Mining

Create a visual map of your processes based on readily available process logs. Quickly deep-dive into specific processes, analyze outliers, and apply powerful statistical techniques to enable remediation & optimization efforts.

The goal of this plug and play solution is to enable operations, strategy, and transformation teams to understand how Dataiku, can be used to create a visual map of your processes based on readily available process logs. More details on the specifics of the solution can be found on the knowledge base.


Business Overview

Process optimization as a means of reducing costs and improving efficiency is a perennial priority for companies. During economic periods in which cost pressures are especially pressing, a focus on process optimization becomes all the more so critical to ensure continuing business success and resilience.

The ever-increasing use of technology systems to manage key processes provides previously inaccessible opportunities for process analysis and optimization. These systems generate timestamped workflow logs as a byproduct of their primary task (e.g., case management, process execution). This in turn enables a shift from time-consuming and potentially erratic process evaluation techniques (e.g., spot checks, time-in-motion studies) to modern, comprehensive, rapid, and statistically-driven analytics via process mining. By leveraging timestamps at various stages along with a process flow, process mining instantly creates a visual and statistical representation of any process, allowing teams to immediately undertake effective reviews of: 

  • Process Conformance
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Target Optimisation
  • Bottleneck Identification

A survey of CFOs revealed that 93% have not yet used process mining to map business processes. With the ever-increasing digitization of business models, the use of process mining to identify root causes, take effective action, and monitor impact opens a significant field of untapped opportunities for companies.


  • Easily connect your process data through a simple and intuitive Dataiku App.
  • Instantly visualize your process in our powerful, fully interactive interface
  • Export business-friendly process maps thanks to specific steps and filters to drive management insight, understanding, and engagement.
  • Rapidly monitor process improvements or problems via integrated conformance checking.
  • Drill-down for root cause analysis using the same interface and workflow, ensuring 360o actionable intelligence.
  • Quickly enrich your insights and take action with advanced analytics and AI via Dataiku’s comprehensive data processing, statistical analysis, and machine learning features.