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Episode 1 : AI Governance & Regulatory Compliance

Discover this first episode of Product Days, a series of tech talks where we will explore themes like building Responsible AI, scaling operations with MLOps, and AI Governance and regulatory compliance.


Episode 2: 7 Myths of MLOps

Another episode where we will have view from the ground on AutoML. Let's discover together the 7 Myths of MLOps.

Episode 3: Systematize your approach to scaling AI

Learn how Capgemini helps customers systematize their approach to scaling AI.

Episode 4: Utilizing Dataiku to scale AI Ethics with Pfizer

Another episode where we will have view from the ground on Scaling AI. More precisely we will see how to utilize Dataiku to scale AI Ethics with Pfizer.

Episode 5: Providing opportunity for all through the use of AI at SLB

Let's see how SLB is leveraging Dataiku in their AI and Machine learning workflow to improve their talent acquisition processes, and making it more responsible.

Episode 6: Who's Responsible for Responsible AI?

Who's Responsible for Responsible AI? Let's try to find out with Roy Wilsker, Senior Direct at Medtronic and Neil Menghani, Data Scientist at Dataiku.

Episode 7: Governing and Securing Data for Scaling AI

Let's learn how the Dataiku and Snowflake solution helps businesses securely scale AI.

Episode 8: Observability - Moving Beyond Model Monitoring

The objective of observability is to not only to know how the system is working but also to promptly identify and analyse any issue. Let's see together how it is helping us moving Beyond Model Monitoring

Episode 9: Beyond Algorithms

Let's discuss how we can go beyond algorithms when practicing Responsible AI Across the entire ML Lifecycle

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