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Churn Analytics
Preventing churn through optimized marketing campaigns is key for every subscription-based business model. DSS users can create a personalized and optimized strategy that uses historical data to forecast churn likelihood and anticipate response to marketing activity.
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Fraud Detection
Whether you’re dealing with inaccurate credit applications, false insurance claims, or fraudulent transactions, fraud is a costly reality… and the rules of the game are continuously evolving. Apply predictive modeling methods like risk-scoring or predictive behavior analysis to make sure you’re always ahead.
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Graph Analytics
Analyze the interactions between entities and find interesting patterns that emerge only from a global perspective with Network Analytics. Users can use DSS to leverage network data (social interaction, document links, pathways …) and create more relevant metrics and predictions.
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Data Management
DSS enables you to create a single point of view for disparate data sources (NoSQL, SQL, Hadoop) within the organization, with interactive data preparation. DSS promotes an agile data governance philosophy, that empowers end users by enabling them to create their own perspective on data.
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Demand Forecast
In DSS, you can use a variety of algorithms to forecast product demand, with confidence thresholds. With these predictions, you’ll make accurate pricing decisions, assess future capacity requirements, and ensure customer satisfaction by adapting vendor and distribution logistics.
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Spatial Analytics
The rise of location-based services or the need to create strategies mixing offline and online channels make spatial analytics a key component of most data products. From the ability to access and blend internal and external data in just a few clicks, to adding complex geographic features or using specialized algorithms for your models, DSS gives you access to all you need to integrate spatial analytics in your workflows.
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Lifetime Value Optimization
You can't have a smart marketing strategy or sustainable growth without predicting the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship you’ll have with your customers. With DSS, develop solutions that give you a real understanding of who your customers are, what they expect, and how you can measure their value.
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Predictive Maintenance
Predictive maintenance relies on the ability to predict failure before it happens. DSS enables its users to create multiple models adapted to each product line and situation, that leverage support data (structured or text) and voluminous sensor data. With DSS, never let a system failure surprise you again!
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Analytical CRM
Whether it’s for marketing campaigns, sales, or customer services, bring together and apply methods of predictive analytics to your lead, customer, contact, touchpoint, channel data to optimize your Customer Relationship Management strategy with behavior patterns, customer relationship metrics, and much more in DSS.
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Retail and Online
Give your customers more alluring, immediate, and personalised interactions by using historic sales data, consumer demand data, price variance data, lead rates, trends, and so on to improve segmentation, acquisition, new product recommendations, pricing, and much more.
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Whether you need to use predictive analytics for underwriting, reserving, marketing, pricing, or claims, DSS is where you can appraise and control risk by projecting future behavior based on historical data and consumer trend analysis.
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Combine structured and unstructured data to benefit your financial margins and improve customer satisfaction by optimizing cross-selling, up-selling, and retention offers at the perfect point in time.
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The intelligent use of data is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry. Genomics, metabolomics, digital medicine: all these cutting-edge fields generate enormous quantities of data. With DSS, put this data to good use to minimize the cost of clinical trials, find biomarkers, make personalized predictions for drug sensitivity, and much more.
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Leverage advanced machine learning and statistical algorithms in your DSS dataflows to forecast outages, system failures, supply and demand, or even as part of your customer engagement strategy by warning customers of irregularities.
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Analyze your users’ online behavior including viewer consumption and demographics to predict which advertisements, campaigns, and channels will yield the highest conversion rates for specific audience engagement.
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With DSS, optimize manufacturing processes, understand product usage, leverage preferences and tweak marketing campaigns, adjust production schedules, and so much more, by intelligently wrangling and analysing all types of data, from GPS tracking, in-car sensors, manufacturing processes, to product and development data.
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Whether you’re ready to implement player activity analytics, game system analytics, or spatial data analytics, DSS is where you’ll be able to collect, wrangle, and model all that data to fine tune game design, identify bottlenecks, inform future content, or event detect cheaters!
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Public Sector
The public sector is brimming with potential when it comes to applying advanced analytics techniques, with the potential for agencies to more effectively serve their citizens in critical areas like health, safety, housing, public services (including education), defense, and justice.
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Marketing Analytics
With DSS, no longer guesstimate the success of your marketing initiatives, quantify and predict them. Create common marketing views by easily connecting to and consolidating data from across all marketing channels in order to understand the past, analyse the present, and predict what is to come.
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Logistics Analytics
Don’t let your inventory management data, parcel tracking data, and all other sensor data go to waste! By implementing logistic analytics into your strategy, save up to 10-40% on operational costs. Whether you are looking to optimize the selection of inventory placement, transportation modes, or to design new delivery services during the holidays, DSS is where you’ll get it done.
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R&D Analytics
In this day and age, most R&D initiatives are data-driven. Efficient R&D processes require the ability to maintain, repeat, and reproduce data analytics on past experiments. With DSS, adopt the fail quick mindset... and start winning!
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Business Intelligence
BI understands, data science predicts. Together, they win. In DSS, you’ll find everything you need to help your analysts build a proper BI solution - from ETL to reporting. When you’re ready to go to the next level, use DSS to build your own predictive solutions such as churn prevention, dynamic pricing, content optimization, and much more.
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Data Labs
Data Labs are where companies develop their own data-driven strategic advantages to answer concrete business needs. But the only way to efficiently run a data lab, is by delivering the tools your team needs for efficiency. That’s why world leading companies are using DSS to tool their data labs. With DSS, data teams can collaboratively build predictive applications quickly, using the tools they know best to deliver results on time.
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Sales Analytics
State-of-the art sales management incorporates analytics as a way to better forecast your pipeline and better allocate sales resources by region or customer segment. With DSS, use your CRM data to make sure your sales results are always predictable and on par with enterprise objectives.
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  • General Electric
  • Unilever
  • Kuka
  • Fox Networks Group
  • Comcast
  • BNP Paribas
  • Premera
  • Ubisoft
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Westpac
  • NXP
  • Santander
  • OVH
  • Essilor
  • L'Oreal
  • CallidusCloud
  • Cap Gemini
  • Nuxeo
  • Dentsu Aegis Network
  • SendinBlue
  • Evonik
  • Les Schwab