Customer Satisfaction Reviews

Your customers engage with your brands through reviews and ratings: quickly turn these into actionable insights. Integrate them across selling strategies and develop loyalty.

This project offers an adapt-and-apply solution allowing retail analysts to understand how to use Dataiku to gauge the previous and future success of customer engagement strategies from their own data. More details on the specifics of the solution can be found on the knowledge base. This solution is only available on installed instances.

Business Overview

Brands face multiple challenges in keeping modern consumers engaged: according to BCG, ~70% of customers would switch to a competitor with an easier process to find and select the desired product. It is therefore key for brands to listen to what their customers think, feel and say about their products and purchasing experience. To do so, brands first need to collect feedback from customers. The good news is that the accelerated move to digital and social commerce is opening new perspectives. Brands can now gather a broad range of customer data points, both explicit (comments, ratings, etc.) or implicit (time spent, number of visits, etc.). And the move is on the way:  today, 70% of the brands surveyed by BCG declared collecting feedback from customers from more than 1 channel.

Tapping in the potential of this data is a step by step process, which starts with converting this data to insights before applying more advanced approaches such as Sentiment Analysis(1) to:

  • Track brand perception
  • Add depth to performance analysis
  • Improve relationships with their customers
  • Spot and prevent issues with their products/experiences

Sentiment analysis unlocks a new layer to the performance insights of a brand. It allows them to better understand emotions and measure customer satisfaction. By leveraging actionable ways to transform customer emotion into brand action, marketers will be empowered in delivering a better customer experience.


  • Input customer reviews data sets, automatically detect the text language and perform automatic spell checking thanks to our ready-to-use Text Preparation
  • Recipes.
  • Run the solution and consume the output through an interactive dashboard and predefined dashboards
  • Leverage the Reviews Explorer WebApp to analyze product ratings over time and per country
  • Deep dive into the reviews through the semantic search engine
  • Automate the pipeline to rebuild with new/fresh data from your most recent reviews