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Modernize enterprise analytics and accelerate time to insights with visual, cloud-based tooling for data preparation, visualization, workflow automation, and more.

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Simplify & Modernize Your Data Stack With Dataiku

Switch to a cloud-first, collaborative solution for modern analytics, bringing your team into the era of Generative AI. Dataiku puts all the data you need at your fingertips for richer, more accurate, and faster business insights. A centralized, cloud-based workspace creates a culture of transparency and collaboration — all while simplifying your analytics toolset and enforcing strong security with full visibility over a unified view of projects.

[With Dataiku, we] automated the end-end process and reduced the manual effort to maintain reports. It increased operational and resource efficiency by saving 25% of aggregate effort per week for 40 different users by providing quick insights into the trends and reports.

BP, on their ability to automate competitor insights for real-time updates

Dataiku has not only made data more accessible but also empowered business analysts (non-coders) to harness the power of large datasets that were previously out of our reach. Analysts are now autonomous in analyzing data for their own needs, which greatly improves our time-to-insight.

FINRA, on enabling self-service analytics to improve reaction to market events

Dataiku can do single operations on the amount of compute capacity you have somewhere in your ecosystem — doesn’t matter where it is. It’s amazing technology. Sometimes the data is small, sometimes it’s very big. (...) At some point you’ll want to go from just processing lots of data to adding value

Craig Turrell

Head of P2P Data Strategy & Delivery at Standard Chartered Bank

If you want to be data driven, choose Dataiku.

Data & Analytics Manager in the Services Industry

Jan. 28, 2024

Make the Switch to Modern Analytics

Accelerate Data Preparation for Better Business Insights

Easily connect to cloud data sources and empower analytics teams to connect, cleanse, and prepare data for analytics projects at scale. Increase efficiency 20-30x thanks to 100+ built-in data transformations, a familiar tabular view, automation, AI-enhanced data prep, and much more.

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Drive Decision Making With Visualization & Analytics Apps

Empower your organization with self-service analytics. Dashboards, central workspaces, and no-code apps make it easy to share data outputs and insights with stakeholders.

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Get Started With AI Using Visual AutoML

When you’re ready, upskill your teams with visual AutoML, empowering them to create ML models — no code required. Built-in explainability features and other guardrails help citizen data scientists interpret model behavior and outputs.

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Migrate to Dataiku With Confidence

We’ve helped hundreds of customers around the world make the leap to Dataiku. Whatever your existing analytics tool of reference (Alteryx, SAS, etc.) we — and our ecosystem of trusted partners — are ready to get started.

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The Dataiku Difference

See why Dataiku works for everyone — from IT stakeholders to analytics managers and day-to-day data wranglers — to level up your data game.

A Unified, Common Data Environment


Dataiku makes data projects a team sport by bringing everyone together, from data builders to consumers.

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Manage risk and ensure compliance with internal controls and external regulations.

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