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Data Preparation with Dataiku

Connect, cleanse, and prepare data for analytics and machine learning projects at scale.


Visual Flow

The Dataiku visual flow allows coders and non-coders alike to easily build data pipelines with datasets, recipes to join and transform datasets, and the ability to build predictive models.

The visual flow also has code and reusable plugin elements for customization and advanced functions.


Connect to Leading Data Sources

Dataiku provides connectors to over 25 leading data sources on-premise and in the cloud, including Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, Snowflake, SQL databases, NoSQL databases, HDFS, and more.


Data Preparation, Data Wrangling, and Data Cleansing

Dataiku provides an easy-to-use visual interface that dramatically speeds data preparation. Join and group datasets or aggregate, clean, normalize, enrich, and deduplicate records, all with a few clicks.

Best of all, Dataiku captures these steps in a reproducible recipe as part of the visual flow.


90+ Built-in Data Transformers

Dataiku includes over 90 built-in data transformers for common data manipulations like binning, concatenation, currency conversions, date conversions, filtering, splitting, and more.

During data analysis, Dataiku saves time with suggested functions based on the data type.

Even when a transformer doesn’t exist in the library, users can quickly write formulas similar to those used in spreadsheets to accomplish almost any data transformation task.


Geospatial Data Preparation

Dataiku provides built-in geospatial transformation functions when working with geospatial data.

These functions include the ability to extract latitude and longitude from geo point data and vice versa; GeoIP location to resolve location data like country, region/state, city, postal code, and more from an IP address; and geo join to connect datasets using geographic coordinates.

Additionally, geographic plugins provide additional capabilities for geocoding and more.

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Cleanse, normalize, enrich, and 90+ data transformers.


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