Pushing the Limits of Healthcare With AI and Dataiku

Top organizations in the healthcare industry (from providers and health services to insurers and more) are using Dataiku to optimize and innovate across a range of processes. Because Dataiku is built for technical, business, and medical users alike, all stakeholders can benefit from insights to make data-driven decisions for more efficiency and better patient outcomes.

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Enhance & Accelerate Complex Processes With AI

Put the power of data in the hands of the many with these Dataiku Solutions, all while ensuring AI efforts are collaborative, transparent, and explainable — a proven formula for increasing efficiencies and improving patient outcomes.

Social Determinants of Health

Discover where community-level social disparities and vulnerabilities align with chronic disease prevalence to drive therapeutic access and health equity programs.



Accelerate the discovery of potential Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) signals from spontaneous reporting systems to reinforce safety and compliance of your marketed drugs.


Process Mining

Create a visual map of your processes based on readily available process logs. Quickly deep-dive into specific processes, analyze outliers, and apply powerful statistical techniques to enable remediation & optimization efforts.


Insurance Claims Modeling

Leverage Generalized Linear Models for claims modeling within a modern, agile and fully-governed data science environment.


Clinical Site Intelligence

Easily uncover similar and/or competitive studies as well as clinical trial sites leveraged, run site reviews, identify selections in novel studies, and get access to sponsor overviews to guide data-driven decision making.


Do Even More With Dataiku

Generalized Linear Models

This plugin makes it possible to train, score, and deploy Generalized Linear Models from the VisualML interface.

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This plugin provides custom policy hooks to document personal data in datasets, configure project-level forbidden actions and generate reports in relation to the GDPR regulation

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Amazon Comprehend

This plugin provides recipes to call the Amazon Comprehend APIs

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Model Fairness Report

Get insight about the fairness metrics of a model

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Don’t Take Our Word for It

Dataiku is an exceptional data science and machine learning tool implemented by great people. The functionality in Dataiku has enabled us to drive our team's products forward, which has allowed us to grow our own internal reputation quickly and helped us achieve our enterprise goals.

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