Powering Utilities & Energy With Dataiku

Top organizations in the utilities and energy industry use Dataiku — the platform for Everyday AI — to enable data-driven decision making at all levels of the company, from engineers responsible for monitoring, diagnostics, or maintenance to data scientists and analysts responsible for forecasting and more.

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AI Applications and Use Cases in Utilities & Energy

Dataiku Solutions provide energy companies with powerful optimization capabilities to address operational inefficiencies, asset downtime, and sustainability goals.

Factories Electricity & CO2 Emissions Forecasting

From electricity consumption across meters and sites to aggregated activity-base carbon emissions forecasting.


Predictive Maintenance

Reduce unplanned downtime & optimize maintenance plans for your equipment.


Production Quality Control

Improve the quality of your production and adjust your manufacturing processes in near real-time.


Batch Performance Optimization

Reduce inefficiencies and equipment downtime in batch process manufacturing with ML-driven outcome prediction and root cause analysis.


Parameters Analyzer

Add process parameters through a web application, analyze historical production processes, set targets, find optimum performance ranges, and scale across different production types.


Enhance Operational Efficiency Across the Business

During strained economic periods with increased cost pressures, making all processes across the organization even more efficient comes into focus. Dataiku Solutions help get manufacturers up and running with these initiatives even faster.

Process Mining

Create a visual map of your processes based on readily available process logs. Quickly deep-dive into specific processes, analyze outliers, and apply powerful statistical techniques to enable remediation & optimization efforts.


Demand Forecast

Forecast the future demand for your products at your preferred granularity. Define your time horizon and look into the future to optimize stock allocation, optimize pricing strategies, and much more.


Distribution Spatial Footprint

Conduct a spatial exploration of your distribution network. Answer strategic questions on coverage and competitive positioning.


Market Basket Analysis

Extract key business patterns from your sales: optimize product assortment and pave the road to recommendation.


RFM Segmentation

Segment your consumers depending on their purchasing behavior to develop more tailored engagement strategies.


Financial Forecasting

Transform your forecasting process by streamlining your data process and improve accuracy through machine learning.


Do Even More With Dataiku

CO2 Converter

Convert electricity consumption into co2 emission based on the carbon intensity of the location and date.

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Kayrros connector

Connect your flow to Kayrros data

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namR store

Whether you are a business analyst or data engineer, this plugin recipe offers an easy access to the nam.R store API and data

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OSIsoft PI System

Import your PI servers data into Dataiku, process them, and export back the results

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The Dataiku solution truly accelerates the development and deployment of businesses projects. The processing part, with its visual recipes, is highly effective. The Key strengh lies in the ans accesssibility for all users, fostering collaboration within the team. As for machine leraning, the prebuils models are very pratical and enable faster progress in predictions. Overall, Dataiku facilitates a seamless workflow from developement to production, making valuable asset for effcient and collaborative project management.

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