Dataiku for Business Experts

The power of AI + your business expertise = unlimited opportunity for delivering deeper intelligence.
“You [will] never be able to hire enough data professionals to meet the data demands of the business, so instead, why not turn the business into data professionals." Jonathan Tudor, Director - Data and Analytics GE Aviation

Clean & Prepare Data 10x Faster

Work with data in an intuitive, point-and-click fashion with Dataiku’s visual interface, reducing time spent doing repetitive and mundane data manipulation tasks. 

Dozens of pre-built connectors simplify accessing data from multiple sources, and hundreds of built-in processors improve productivity by helping you transform and enrich your data in a fraction of the time.

Explore Data & Share Insights With Visualizations

Uncover meaningful patterns and detect quality issues such as outliers and missing or invalid values through Dataiku’s automatic data profiling and advanced statistical analyses. The smart assistant identifies relationships between columns and visualizes them using box-plots, 2D and 3D scatterplots, heat maps, correlation matrices, line charts, and more.

Create interactive charts, dashboards, and web applications to serve results and share insights with the broader team — all without leaving Dataiku.

Build Once, Reuse Forever

Automate repetitive workflows and schedule tasks like loading and processing data, refreshing charts and dashboards, updating project documentation, and much more with Dataiku scenarios.

Metrics and checks assess data for changes in quality or validity, ensuring scheduled jobs deliver the expected results or sending out an alert if any issues arise.

Coders & Non-Coders Co-Exist in One Platform

The Dataiku Flow provides a unique collaborative environment where coders and non-coders can simultaneously contribute to data projects and transparently see others’ work in a shared space. 

Through central hubs like the catalog, plugin store, and project homepage, teams can easily discover and reuse existing projects and data products to avoid starting from scratch each time.

Self-Service Analytics with Interactive Applications

With Dataiku, it’s easy to create analytic dashboards and data products, sharing them with business users to support day-to-day decision making. 

What-if analysis with outcome optimization and interactive web applications  — developed with or without code — are just a few ways Dataiku empowers your organization with self-service analytics.

Accelerate Key Use Cases with Pre-Built Business Solutions

Extend your team’s reach and speed up the delivery of table stakes AI and analytics solutions. 

Dataiku’s library of pre-built projects and plug and play templates provide a ready-to-use framework for common use cases such as demand forecasting, customer segmentation, process mining, fraud detection, and much more.

Build Machine Learning Models using Visual Tools

Dataiku AutoML empowers business professionals and analysts with the tools to deliver machine learning solutions that move the business forward. The no-code, guided AutoML framework includes prediction, clustering, time series forecasting, and even computer vision models. Model guardrails, diagnostics, and explainability reports make ML accessible to everyone.

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