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Enterprise-Class Collaboration with Dataiku

Dataiku makes data and AI projects a team sport, bringing intelligence to all — from AI builders to AI consumers.


Projects and Visual Flow

Real advanced analytics projects require a series of steps that transform data from one state to the next, resulting in new datasets, features, metrics, charts, dashboards, predictive models, and applications.

The Dataiku visual flow is the canvas where teams collaborate on data projects. With the visual flow, everyone on the team can use common objects and visual language to describe the step-by-step approach and document the entire data process for future users.



Support for Coders and Non-Coders in One Platform

Dataiku offers a unique collaborative environment for coders and non-coders to work on the same projects. With Dataiku, code becomes part of the flow with code recipes, which becomes part of the project just like any visual element.

The result is that real teams solving real problems with the visual flow, prebuilt recipes, code recipes, and objects can work together to create production-ready AI and analytics projects.



Discussions and Wikis

Project collaboration happens over time with team members and stakeholders in different roles and at different stages of the project lifecycle. Documenting motivations behind the project as it moves from design to production with a Wiki preserves knowledge about the project for current and future users.

During the project, keeping track of project evolution is also critical. Discussion threads in Dataiku allow teams to collaborate within the project framework, saving time and preserving the history of these conversations and decisions as part of the project itself.


Automatic Model Documentation

The Dataiku model document generator automatically creates necessary model documentation based on a standardized template.

With standardized and automated documentation, organizations maintain consistent records of AI projects for regulatory compliance — data scientists can spend their valuable time building more projects and creating more value.


Version Control

Dataiku includes full, built-in version control — each change that users make is automatically recorded in the project repository, including modifying a dataset, editing a recipe, or modifying a dashboard.

Teams using Dataiku can trace all actions performed on their project, understand each object’s history, revert to prior versions of objects, and work in multiple versions as they build robust, production-ready AI projects.


Sync with Other Collaboration Platforms

Enterprise collaboration platforms like Slack, Atlassian Confluence, and Microsoft Teams are the standard across many organizations.

Dataiku integrates with enterprise collaboration systems to ensure the team members and project stakeholders have access to the latest information and updates on design and production projects (no matter what other collaboration tools are in use).

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