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Governance with Dataiku

Manage risk and ensure compliance at scale across the organization with advanced permissions management, SSO and LDAP integration, audit trails, secure API access, and more.


Permissions Management

Dataiku permissions control who on the team can access, read, and change a project. Permissions also include creating projects, executing code, executing applications, reading only content, and more. With Dataiku, users can belong to more than one group and have different permissions across projects, or organizations can have global permissions.



SSO and LDAP Integration

Dataiku integrates with existing systems for single sign-on and directory services used for authenticating users to access IT systems — including LDAP authentication services like Microsoft Active Directory — enabling user/password management and user rights assignment integration.

Dataiku also supports single-sign-on (SSO) with SAML v2 and SPNEGO/Kerberos protocols. With proper authentication and authorization, organizations can limit access to critical systems and ensure compliance with internal controls and external regulations.



Audit Trails

Creating logs for user access and user activity is critical for troubleshooting and compliance with internal controls and external regulations.

Dataiku includes a rich audit trail for users’ access and object changes in the system. The logs contain all user actions, with details about user id, timestamp, IP address, authentication method, and more.


Secure API Access

Application programming interfaces (APIs) create endpoint services consumed by business applications — for example, providing a credit score for a loan application process. Such endpoints can be accessed and used to understand how a model works or even overload and disrupt services.

Dataiku provides access control for API services via API keys. With API keys in place, only services with proper authentication can access the API and see results.

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