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Episode 6: Why It's A Great Time To Be A Data Scientist In The Cloud!

On this week's episode, our host Grant Case and guest speaker, Rishu Saxena, Field CTO at Snowflake, deep dive into how working in the world of the cloud have enabled data scientists with big data.


Episode 5: Shooting For The Stars with AI

In this episode, we're exploring the galaxy & how data science and machine learning have played a pivotal role in astronomy research.

Episode 4: How is Deep Learning Making the World a Smarter Place

In this episode, our guest speaker, Sheena Nasim and host, Grant Case will explore real-life use cases on deep learning & how this technology is helping the world become a smarter place.

Episode 3: Digital Twins: The Emergence of the Next Human (R)evolution

On this episode, our guest speaker John Blicq will touch upon what is Digital Twins/Digital Humans and why this is going to be an interesting facet for us going forward.

Episode 2: Too Afraid To Ask: What is AI Governance?

On our 2nd episode, we're asking all the tough questions about AI Governance — what the future holds and how it can impact decisions through bias reduction, MLOps and error mitigation.

Episode 1: How AI Can Make You Healthier?

During this episode, we will deep dive on how AI and ML can bring value to the healthcare industry (think improved standards for patient care and personalised treatment recommendations).

Episode 1: What Is Kubernetes All About?

Discover our very first episode of Proof Of Concept, a series of tech talks where we will explore real-life use cases from the field & discuss some of the pressing questions in the hottest technologies in data science and AI.

Episode 2: Feature Store - What, Why and How?

Another episode where we will talk about feature store. Why is it so prevalent today in the conversation of AI at scale in the enterprise and what are the key principles driving its adoption?

Episode 3: Is R still relevant in 2021?

Another episode where we will explore the different languages used for data science and AI and their added value for the enterprise. R, Python, Javascript, will they survive the rise of low code solutions?

Episode 4: AutoML - Why is it not that simple?

Another episode where we will have view from the ground on AutoML. In which cases is it useful and what sort of value should we expect from it?

Episode 5: Are Data Catalogs Dead?

During this episode we will discuss what is data catalog? and is it dead?

Episode 6: Why Should I Care About Fancy ML Models?

Why should I care about fancy ML model? In the meantime, subscribe to PoC to stay up to date on the big conversation in data and AI

Episode 7: How should I care about fancy Ml model?

After Why should I care about fancy ML model, let's discuss about How should I care about fancy ML model?

Episode 8: The Curious Case of Zillow

Discover what is the Curious Case of Zillow...

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