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Analytic Apps with Dataiku

Deploy analytic dashboards and applications for business users.


Business Dashboards

Dataiku makes it easy to create project dashboards and share them with business users. Scheduling updates for dashboards or triggering updates is easy and ensures the latest information is available.

With dashboards as part of a Dataiku project, business users and project stakeholders can easily see the outputs of AI projects and track KPIs and value.



What-if Analysis

Dataiku what-if analysis allows data scientists and analysts to check different input scenarios and publish the what-if analysis for business users.

With what-if analysis accessible to business users, they can build trust in predictive models as they see the results they generate in common scenarios and test new scenarios.



Dataiku Apps

For business users to engage with AI predictions, the results of AI projects need an interface.

With Dataiku Apps, data scientists and business analysts can easily create apps with a few clicks and publish a project, including the app, to production. The benefit is that more people across the organization can utilize advanced predictive insights, and AI can provide more value to the business.


Web Apps with Dash, Bokeh, R Shiny, JS & More

Dataiku supports various leading frameworks, including Dash, Bokeh, R Shiny, JavaScript, and more.

With more ways to develop applications, every organization can build business applications with predictive insights to drive better customer experiences and improve efficiency.

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