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The Dataiku AI Lab team discusses the hottest topics in ML research with industry experts in this webinar series.

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To Annotate or Not? Predicting Performance Drop Under Domain Shift

In this edition of ML Research, In Practice with Dataiku's AI Lab, guest Naver Labs comes to explain the work they're doing and to dive into their recent paper on predicting performance drop under domain shift.

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Deep Learning in Industry 4.0: Dealing With Unlabeled & Drifting Data

Andrea Castellani, Ph.D student from Bielefeld University in collaboration with Honda, joins the Dataiku AI Lab's ML Research, In Practice series to go in-depth on Industry 4.0 and digital twins.

Learning Optimal Conformal Classifiers with David Stutz of DeepMind

Hear from David Stutz of DeepMind on learning optimal conformal classifiers as a part of the Dataiku AI Lab series, ML Research, In Practice.

Predicting GDP With Google Trends: The OECD Weekly Tracker

Nicolas Woloszko of the OECD Economics Department & NAEC Innovation Lab walks through predicting gross domestic product (GDP) with Google Trends

Integrating AI into Product R&D with Michelin

For the past five years, Michelin has been working on incorporating more machine learning into its processes for tire design and testing.

Out-of-Distribution Detection in the Age of Transformers

Any artificial intelligence system deployed in the real world faces the problem of data distributional shift over time.

Land Cover Mapping with the Institute National de l'Information Géographique et Forestière

With the advent of the Anthropocene era, the physical territory is subject to dramatic transformations and ecological degradations due to human action.

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