The last season of Banana Data podcast, a data science podcast focused on the latest and greatest in tech, AI and trends in the data science ecosystem.

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Episode 1: What Does It Mean to Humanize Data?

In Season 5, we ushered in the notion of humanizing data science. In this episode, we explored the importance of storytelling with data. We take a look at model accuracy, the threat of generalized results, and how to understand and demonstrate the nuanced results of your models.


Episode 2: Create Technological Emotional Bonds w/ Creative Intelligence

In this episode we’ll guide you through why technology’s long-term goal shouldn’t solely be efficiency, but actually emotional intimacy.

Episode 3: Rise of the Data Citizen

In this episode we were joined by Matt Dorros to discuss the rise of the citizen data scientist and his role as a data analyst manager and data citizen at Wayfair.

Episode 4: Methodology & Functionality in Differing Data Science Roles

This week, we are joined by Emma Irwin to discuss differing methodologies and functionalities within the data science field and her role as a Solutions Engineer at Dataiku.

Episode 5: What Happens When Humanization Fails

This week, we are joined by Jeremie Harris of Towards Data Science to discuss what happens when humanization fails and consequences that can occur.

Episode 6: The Importance of Human in the Loop AI With Christina Hsiao

In this episode we are joined by Christina Hsiao, Senior Product Manager at Dataiku to discuss the importance of having a human in the loop within the ML pipeline.

Episode 7: Leverage Storytelling With Data

In this episode let's discuss storytelling with data.

Episode 8: Data Visualization w/ Nathan Mannheimer

In this episode we discuss data visualization with Nathan Mannheimer, Director of Data Science and Machine Learning at Tableau.

Episode 9: Floor to Ceiling Data Strategy

Let's discuss the ins and outs of data strategy from the individual level all the way up to the enterprise and how humanization can level up your strategy.

Episode 10: Ethical Implications of Humanizing Your Data

Another episode where we discuss the ethical implications of humanizing your data with very special guest and past host Triveni Gandhi.

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