Why Do AI Projects Fail? Dataiku x NVIDIA Fireside Chat

This webinar, featuring Will Benton from NVIDIA, highlights some of the key technical and organizational reasons behind AI project failure (and solutions to avoid them).

Finexkap: From Raw Data to Production, 7x Faster

Finexkap’s data team packs a big punch, leveraging Dataiku to build data projects (using both integrated notebooks and visual recipes), automate processes, and push to production 7x faster.

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Operationalizing AI: Out of the Lab and Into Production | Dataiku x GigaOm

Find out why a significant chunk of data science projects never make it out of the lab and actionable ways to overcome this obstacle.

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Convex Insurance: Actuaries, Data Scientists, and Other Key Stakeholders Collaborate With Dataiku

By utilizing the capabilities of Dataiku and combining the diverse skills and expertise of individuals across technical and business solution-oriented teams, Convex Insurance has been able to move beyond spreadsheets and capture more value from their data.

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MandM Direct: Managing Models at Scale with Dataiku + GCP

See how the data science team at MandM Direct operationalizes 10x more models versus a code-only approach.

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Industry Analyst and Customer Recognition for Dataiku

Don't just take our word for it — see what some of the top analyst firms (including Gartner and Forrester) are saying about Dataiku.

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