Convex Insurance: Actuaries, Data Scientists, and Other Key Stakeholders Collaborate With Dataiku

By utilizing the capabilities of Dataiku and combining the diverse skills and expertise of individuals across technical and business solution-oriented teams, Convex Insurance has been able to move beyond spreadsheets and capture more value from their data.
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"Dataiku gives us the capability of trying to automate processes and take them out of Excel so we have more time to provide insights and value to our business. We also have the capability of being able to use more data than we've ever been able to use before to enhance some of these analytics. It gives Luddites like me the ability to be able to access these powerful technologies through the no-code option as well as being able to collaborate with people who are much more technically proficient." Metul Parekh Actuarial Director at Convex Insurance

Opening the Data Gates to All Stakeholders 

At Convex Insurance, whether talking about the role of actuaries, architects, or business analysts, communication is key and data is at the core of decision making. Spreadsheets simply don’t cut it anymore, so having a platform like Dataiku, which offers the critical capabilities that allow technical teams to explore enormous data pipelines while simultaneously offering the simplicity of no-code options that allow less technical teams to get on board, is a game changer. 

Dataiku allows stakeholders to jump in along the journey, with varying kinds and degrees of expertise to apply their knowledge to the process. This level of collaboration enables the organization to develop solutions where value can be clearly communicated and seen from the beginning baby steps of data projects all the way to final field delivery. 

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