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Reverse Geocoding / Admin maps

This plugin provides a processor for reverse geocoding and activates administrative map visualizations

This plugin provides facilities for reverse geocoding (ie, computing an address from geo coordinates). The reverse geocoding plugin provides geocoding at the city level on a large number of countries.

One of the challenges for successful Geospatial analytics with DSS is being able to aggregate from individual geolocalized data points to meaningful aggregates, like per-region revenue. The reverse geocoding plugin enables these use cases.

This plugin provides:

  • A geocoding visual preparation processor;
  • Support for the ‘Administrative map’ charts.
Analyzing the price of gas in French counties.

Plugin Information

Version 1.1.0
Author Dataiku
Released 2014/12/24
Last updated 2015/09/28
License Proprietary

How To Use

This plugin is a pre-requisite for using Administrative maps.

For more information, see our reference documentation.

Both the charts and the preparation processor operate on columns with Geometry or Geopoint meaning in DSS

Image by Mariorido – CC SA 3.0

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