Generative AI With Dataiku

With Dataiku, teams can move beyond the lab and build real and safe Generative AI applications at enterprise scale. Dataiku brings enterprise-grade development tools, pre-built use cases, and AI-powered assistants to help everyone do more with Generative AI.


LLM Mesh

The LLM Mesh provides the components in Dataiku that empower IT to take control and help teams build safe, secure, enterprise-ready GenAI applications.

With dedicated components for AI service routing, PII screening, LLM response moderation, performance and cost tracking, and auditing of entire application flows, you get maximum control while delivering the performance your business expects.


Enterprise-Grade Prompt Engineering

Want to customize the behavior of a large language model (LLM) for your unique use case? With Prompt Studios in Dataiku, iteratively design and evaluate LLM prompts, compare performance and cost across models, and operationalize Generative AI in your data projects.


AI-Powered Assistants

Go faster and farther with Dataiku’s three AI-Powered Assistants that not only improve efficiency, but also may improve the quality of the overall finished product:

AI Prepare – describe the transformation you want to apply, and the AI assistant generates the necessary data preparation steps.
AI Code Assistant – This feature helps you write, explain, or debug code, comment and document your work, create unit tests, and more.
AI Explain – automatically generate descriptions that explain Dataiku Flows or individual Flow Zones.


Integrations With Generative AI Services

Dataiku includes integrations to leading Generative AI providers like OpenAI, Azure, AWS, and Hugging Face. With Dataiku’s model and provider-agnostic approach, your team will always be able to leverage the latest and greatest Generative AI technologies, giving you maximum agility to meet your business needs.

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Democratize RAG With Dataiku Answers

By applying retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) and semantic search techniques in Dataiku, you can augment foundational LLMs with your own knowledge base to ensure chatbots provide the most relevant, accurate, and trustworthy information possible.

With Dataiku Answers, data teams can build Generative AI-powered chat applications using RAG at enterprise scale in a matter of days, for all use cases.


LLM-Powered NLP Recipes

Updating traditional NLP pipelines with modern Generative AI techniques is fast and easy with out-of-the-box, visual components.

Dataiku offers no-code text recipes enhanced with pre-trained HuggingFace models and LLMs for text summarization, classification, sentiment & emotion analysis, and other common language tasks.