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News Sentiment Stock Alert System

In this session, see how to use an automated alert system based on a model that links news headlines with stock price movements.

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Machine Learning Based Fraud Detection in Banking

Fraudulent actors are always looking for new ways to subvert legitimate transaction systems; traditional rules-based approaches are no longer sufficient (or efficient enough) to combat fraud. In this webinar, we’ll discuss best practices and examples on how machine learning can improve fraud detection capabilities.

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FP&A at Standard Chartered Bank: Building Collective Intelligence with Dataiku

The Digital MI team at Standard Chartered Bank, lead by Craig Turrell, uses Dataiku to process all of the bank's financial performance and planning data as well as refresh daily Tableau dashboards, identifying the opportunity to turn 2,500 effort hours down to 10 minutes using future innovation in data and process acceleration.

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Rabobank: Ethical Enterprise AI – A Guideline or Compass?

In this EGG talk, Martin Leijen shares how Rabobank determines and protects their privacy and ethical standards, as well as how financial institutions can we effectively maintain a firm commitment to moral and ethical standards while at the same time encouraging a strong drive to optimize business opportunities and profitability.

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Interactive Document Intelligence With NLP

Use NLP to automatically digitize documents, extract text, and consolidate data into a unified and searchable database and ultimately provide the trends and insights in a purpose-built dashboard for business users.

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