Modern ML Risk Management Strategies

Hear from O'Reilly Responsible AI book author Patrick Hall in a riveting discussion that highlights AI risk management strategies and Responsible AI tactics for data practitioners.

AI Governance: Concepts, Criteria, and Credibility

Discover the roles of Responsible AI and model management in AI governance, where governance fits in the progression of AI maturity, and more.

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The Buck Stops Here: Creating Systems of Accountability for Responsible AI

Discover how to integrate responsible AI into your organization’s existing AI life cycle and mitigate the risks of misuse and unintended consequences. The conversation includes recommended strategies and methodologies for enacting systems grounded in traceability, transparency, and explainable, human-in-the-loop AI.

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3 Key Pillars to Scaling AI Successfully

In this webinar, uncover key ingredients for safely achieving AI at scale via AI Governance, operationalization, and oversight of AI initiatives.

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How The Law Society of BC Uses Dataiku for Risk Ranking and Anomaly Detection

Learn how a team at The Law Society of BC uses Dataiku to increase reporting efficiency and provide an additional risk analysis of law firms to optimize their overall audit capabilities.

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