Modern ML Risk Management Strategies

Hear from O'Reilly Responsible AI book author Patrick Hall in a riveting discussion that highlights AI risk management strategies and Responsible AI tactics for data practitioners.

3 Key Pillars to Scaling AI Successfully

In this webinar, uncover key ingredients for safely achieving AI at scale via AI Governance, operationalization, and oversight of AI initiatives.

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The Law Society of BC: Optimizing Audits Through Risk Ranking and Anomaly Detection

Learn how a team at The Law Society of BC uses Dataiku to increase reporting efficiency and provide an additional risk analysis of law firms to optimize their overall audit capabilities.

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Western Digital: Smarter Email Categorization With NLP

Western Digital built an NLP-based system in Dataiku to categorize and better understand their emails for more efficiency (100 employee hours saved per month), reduced response time and higher customer satisfaction

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Heraeus: Improving the Sales Lead Pipeline With LLMs

Each of Heraeus’s 20 operating companies has its own lead identification and qualification process. See how Heraeus uses Large Language Models (LLMs) in Dataiku to support these processes, ultimately saving time and increasing sales conversion.

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