How Research Meets Practice: 2022 Machine Learning Trends and Techniques

Through the lens of three real-world data science projects, discover promising ML trends and techniques for 2022 and beyond.

Using Statistics to Become a Better Data Scientist

As demand for the data scientist role remains high, the onus is on data scientists to find ways to differentiate themselves amidst a sea of competition. In this webinar, data scientists will be able to gain key statistics and probability concepts to increase their understanding of machine learning models, experimental design, and bring a new perspective to their projects.

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Novartis: Streamlining Analytics & AI Across the Organization

Novartis moved from repetitive manual calculations in Excel to informed decision making grounded in accurate and real-time data with Dataiku.

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Heraeus: Improving the Sales Lead Pipeline With LLMs

Each of Heraeus’s 20 operating companies has its own lead identification and qualification process. See how Heraeus uses Large Language Models (LLMs) in Dataiku to support these processes, ultimately saving time and increasing sales conversion.

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LG Chem: Creating Generative AI-Powered Services to Enhance Productivity

LG Chem noticed that their employees were spending a lot of time searching for safety regulations and guidelines so, with the help of Generative AI and Dataiku, they provided an AI service that helps them find that information quickly and accurately.

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