SAS Format Reader

This plugin provides a format to import your SAS7BDAT files into DSS

Plugin Information

Version 1.3.1
Author Dataiku (Thomas LABADIE)
Released 2017-12
Last updated 2023-07
License Apache Software License
Source code Github
Reporting issues Github

This plugin provides a custom format reader to import the contents of a .sas7bdat data file into your DSS project.

This implementation will work with almost any SAS file but may be slower than the default one provided with DSS. It is provided by the Pandas library shipped with DSS, and may change when future Pandas versions are released.

Import your SAS data directly in DSS.

How To Use

You need to import your .sas7bdat file into DSS and then choose the “SAS using Pandas” format, as shown in the picture above.

The “chunksize” parameter lets you choose how many lines will be read during each iteration ; a higher value means faster read but higher memory usage.

Implementation choices:

  • Date values may be kept in their original SAS format (number of seconds since 1960-1-1) depending on the Pandas version.
  • Integer values may be transformed into double values.

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