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From Raw Data to Business Impact | Dataiku x VB Transform

Gain best practices on how organizations can put their data to work in building human-centric AI models and go from raw data to tangible impact.

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Demystifying AI Interpretability | Dataiku x VB Transform

Uncover some of the most relevant advances and applications in the reinforcement learning space and how to improve accuracy and predictability of AI models using the technique.

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How Pfizer Successfully Leveraged Analytics & AI to Scale | Dataiku x VB Transform

Discover how Pfizer has successfully created a culture of collaboration and co-creation around analytics and AI that has allowed them to significantly scale their initiatives and achieve results.

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How Companies Are Finding the Right Data | Dataiku x VB Transform

Trends on how companies are identifying the right data to train AI and machine learning algorithms accurately to tackle various issues such as personalization and fraud with increased speed and agility.

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Maintaining the Human Element in Machine Learning | Dataiku x GigaOm

While some automation is productive and necessary, taking a human-centric approach to machine learning (ML) and AI is essential. Humans have to be part of the ML workflow, included in the feedback loop, and more.

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Leverage AI in Manufacturing: Predictive Maintenance

Leveraging AI is an efficient way to provide real-time visibility into the production process to reduce downtime for maintenance and costs for efficient operations. Discover how sensor data can be transformed into timely insights via predictive maintenance with automated insight improvement.

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Upcoming Webinars by Dataiku

See a complete list of and register for upcoming webinars hosted by Dataiku by visiting our BrightTalk Channel, or browse past webinars below.

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Foster Agility and Enriched Insights With Alternative Data

Dataiku and Kayrros showcase the power of Kayrros data combined with Dataiku DSS, introducing a use case on how these technologies can deliver unique analytics on industry dynamics and global supply chain monitoring using a recent example of the U.S. automobile industry’s post-COVID recovery.

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Partitioning in Dataiku DSS

As datasets become more voluminous over time, processing time grows to update the flow with fresh incoming data, run preparation steps, and retrain models. Partitioning helps solve the issue. Malick Konate (Data Scientist, Dataiku) will explain in detail what partitioning is and how Dataiku DSS users can use it to increase computation performances while dealing with large volumes of data.

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