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Getting Started With NLP

This webinar delves into what natural language processing (NLP) is, how it's used, and the main techniques and frameworks for getting started.

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Defining a Successful AI Project: A Framework for Choosing the Right Use Case

With dozens of ideas for potential AI use cases but limited time and resources, how can organizations prioritize the right projects, especially in the beginning of their Enterprise AI journey? Learn how to avoid false starts on AI initiatives that are risky or ill-defined, and instead create a blueprint for future success.

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Data Quality: AI Ups the Ante | Dataiku x GigaOm

Any sound data science pipeline prioritizes gathering clean, trusted, and accessible data before diving into a machine learning project. Ensuring quality data also inspires credibility and promotes adoption of data-driven practices. How do you ensure your data checks these boxes?

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The Buck Stops Here: Creating Systems of Accountability for Responsible AI

Discover how to integrate responsible AI into your organization’s existing AI life cycle and mitigate the risks of misuse and unintended consequences. The conversation includes recommended strategies and methodologies for enacting systems grounded in traceability, transparency, and explainable, human-in-the-loop AI.

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How to Reduce Data Labeling Costs (+ Increase Data Quality) With Active Learning

Uncover the importance of the active learning technique and how it can be used to lower the cost of data labeling necessary to reach a given model’s accuracy.

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The Path to Enterprise AI: Tales From the Field

Enterprise AI is a target state where every business process is AI-augmented and every employee is an AI beneficiary. Is that attainable? Find out here.

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Defect Detection: How APM Is Using Dataiku to Bring Workers Home Safe

In this Dataiku Community webinar, see how Atlantic Plant Maintenance use Dataiku to keep their workers safe through defect detection, by joining together data from various sources, and building a machine learning algorithm to predict injuries before they occur.

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How to Make the Right Decision When Buying Data Science Software

As enterprises accelerate their investments in data science capabilities, they often find it extremely challenging to build and manage the rapidly evolving technologies necessary for their teams. Hear from Dataiku's Director of AI Consulting on what he learned, what worked, and what didn't from spending more than $40 million on data science software and how you can inform your decision.

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