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AI in 2020: The Architecture and the Infrastructure

AI hardware, both for fast training and effective inferencing, can be expensive, and its obsolescence cycles are quick. But the cloud, container technology, and smart software to orchestrate it all can help. Learn more about how to plan your AI roadmap, including infrastructure automation, with this webinar.

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2020 AI Trends in the Enterprise

This non-technical webinar will go in-depth on the trends that will dominate Enterprise AI for the decade, particularly when it comes to organizational changes in businesses.

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Data Governance & AI: New Dimensions in Privacy & Compliance

This webinar walks through practicalities of governance in the age of AI, including governance “checkpoints” for data scientists; the relationship between data regulations, ethics, and AI; and making ML models compliant, both with government regulations and corporate policy.

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Dataiku 6: New Features & Functionality

Dataiku 6 helps organizations future-proof their path to Enterprise AI with more robust features for white-box AI, collaboration, and elasticity (including fully managed Kubernetes capabilities).

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Data Transformation at GE Aviation

This webinar is a Q&A format with Jon Tudor, Sr. Manager Self-Service Data and Analytics and Somesh Saxena, Product Owner of Dataiku and Alation, at GE Aviation. It covers the how and why behind the company’s data transformation.

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Defining ROI for Data Initiatives

Calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) of your data initiatives is critical to activating your data; if you can’t show that data initiatives are valuable, there will be resistance across the organization to implementation, causing you to miss out on opportunities and lag behind the competition.

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