Model energy consumption and predict power peaks

View this project to learn how to prepare energy consumption data, build a model for consumption, and use that model to predict power peaks in Dataiku

We built this project from a data science competition hosted by datascience.net.

Project Goal

The goal of the project is to model the energy consumption of various sites and predict consumption peaks. The original data is from more than 40 French consumer sites. The data in this project has been simplified and contains records for only 3 sites.

How We Do This

To build this project we have two different data sources you can have a look at:

  • sites: this dataset contains information about the three consumer sites from which the data was collected
  • data: this dataset contains energy-use records from the different sites. This dataset gives us energy-use records for every 10 minutes.

In that dataset you’ll find these features:

  • DATE_LOCAL: date of the record
  • ID01ID18ID31: for each site, a column valued 1 if the record is for that location; 0 if not
  • consomation: energy consumption (in kW)
  • temperature: temperature (in Celsius)

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