Predict Customer Lifetime Value (Basic)

View this sample project to learn how to join and enrich data, then build a model to predict the customer lifetime value, using Dataiku.

We want to try and predict how much net profit each of our new customers is going to bring us all along our future relationship. In other words, we’re looking to predict our Customer Lifetime Value! A more advanced project for predicting Customer Lifetime Value can be discovered here.

Business Goals

Build a model to predict how valuable a customer will be, based on his first interactions with our website. This way we can make predictions To do this, we’ll be using all types of data: web traffic data, and historical customer purchases, enriched with open data on countries (GDP).

How Do We Do This?

We have several collected different types of data from our historical customers:

  • Demographic information (age, gender, location)
  • Their actions on our website
  • The marketing campaigns they received
  • Their previous purchases

In addition, we’re going to use data about their location to enrich our dataset.

Using a preparation step, we’re going to start by joining the different data sources. Then we’ll enrich that data in order to train the model. Then, we can copy the recipe and apply it to new data, so we can score new users using our model!

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