This plugin provides custom policy hooks to document personal data in datasets, configure project-level forbidden actions and generate reports in relation to the GDPR regulation

The GDPR plugin helps organizations implement the GDPR defining rules and processes directly in Dataiku.
Also, it provides an example of how organizations can use custom fields and policies to comply with internal policies and external regulations (such as GDPR) around data privacy and protection.

Example of documenting personal data usage in Dataiku DSS.
Example of documenting personal data usage in Dataiku DSS.


Plugin Information

Version 0.2.0
Author Dataiku
Released 2019-01-29
Last updated 2023-12-06
Reporting issues Github


This plugin offers the ability to:

  • Document data sources with sensitive information, and enforce good practices
  • Restrict access to projects and data sources with sensitive information
  • Audit the sensitive information in a Dataiku DSS instance

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