The NHS: Scaling AI for Population Health

The NHS uses Dataiku for MLOps, model monitoring, and more.

The following Q&A occurred during the Everyday AI Conference in London.

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Interview of Joe Zhang, Platform Owner and Data Scientist at the NHS

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What Does Everyday AI Mean to You? 

For me, it means being able to routinely use AI to achieve the needs of patients in the population, and being able to reach a point where we’re able to do that. 

What Do You Want Attendees to Remember From Your Talk? 

After my talk on “Scaling Artificial Intelligence for Population Health in the NHS,” I would like Everyday AI attendees to remember the difficulties and challenges with responsibly using AI in healthcare, but also how taking data and infrastructure at the heart of what we do can help solve these challenges. 

How Does Generative AI Fit in Your AI Strategy?

Generative AI plays a minimal role in our AI strategy at this stage. For healthcare as a whole, there’s a huge raft of challenges: the reliability of these models and bias, etc. However, I do think it is very promising for the future. 

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Dataiku?

We use Dataiku as a production environment. So the built-in MLOps tooling and the ability to monitor our models are our favorite aspects.


Novartis: Streamlining Analytics & AI Across the Organization

Novartis moved from repetitive manual calculations in Excel to informed decision making grounded in accurate and real-time data with Dataiku.

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Mount Sinai’s Enterprise Data Blueprint for Success

Mount Sinai has pivoted its processes to create more holistic methods which enable lasting results and life-long, positive impacts in patients’ lives. At the core of this transformation? Dataiku.

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Malakoff Humanis: Improving Customer Relations With the Power of NLP

To address their growing challenges in keeping up with customer demands and providing quality customer service, Malakoff Humanis turned to Dataiku’s Deep Belief program and collaborated with Dataiku’s data scientists on two advanced natural language processing (NLP) projects.

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Pfizer: Everyday AI Is A Journey,
Not A Destination

Debbie Reynolds, VP Enterprise Data Solutions and Engineering at Pfizer, discusses how the company has been able to put data at the core of everyday business decisions.

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Santéclair: Detecting Fraudulent Claims More Effectively

Santéclair uses Dataiku to enable fraud detection teams to target actual fraud cases 3x more effectively, saving money for both the company and its customers.

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