AI for Good With Dataiku & The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup’s lead computational modeler shares how he and his team are leveraging Dataiku DSS to conduct operational monitoring and modelling of their plastic cleanup systems, and discusses the use of AI for good.
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Orange: Building a Sustainable
Data Practice

Armed with Dataiku, Orange was able to start transitioning smaller BI projects to the business and work on machine learning use cases like call load detection and triage, a model that took less than a month for the team to build using Dataiku.

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The Buck Stops Here: Creating Systems of Accountability for Responsible AI

Discover how to integrate responsible AI into your organization’s existing AI life cycle and mitigate the risks of misuse and unintended consequences. The conversation includes recommended strategies and methodologies for enacting systems grounded in traceability, transparency, and explainable, human-in-the-loop AI.

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Explainable AI: From Theory to Practice With Dataiku

Discover why Dataiku's R&D team chose the path they did for explainable AI features, the tradeoffs between white-box and black-box models, how Dataiku helps data teams build models in a way that is collaborative and sustainable, and more.

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