Ørsted: Monitoring Market Dynamics With LLM-Driven News Digest

Ørsted uses Generative AI to ensure its executive management has a more aligned understanding of market dynamics, for a 100% time savings over a manual approach.


Time savings compared to previous manual approach


Employees signed up for LLM-generated news summary within the first week


At Ørsted, the adoption of Generative AI has simplified the way executive management stays abreast of industry trends, offering a time-efficient, fully automated news digest, ensuring that the tools are there to support a mission to power the world with green energy.

The green energy industry is highly innovative: Organizations need to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology to power the world. This applies across the energy value chain, from turbines to shipyards. With macroeconomics in mind, Ørsted has been seeking ways to leverage AI-driven projects — both traditional and Generative, including Large Language Models (LLMs) — to automate wherever possible with minimum effort and maximum value.

Tracking Energy Industry Developments With an LLM-Backed Executive Summary

To help the executive management team stay up to date on relevant industry events and happenings (and, ultimately, inform their decision making), Ørsted has access to proprietary news articles. However, with 300-500 articles per day, it was impossible for one individual to read through them all and, with several people creating summaries, the flow of information wasn’t fully aligned.

This led the team to look for an automated solution that encapsulated a common vision, yet was custom to leadership’s needs. Ørsted signed a 2023 contract with Dataiku to leverage an LLM from Azure OpenAI in the Dataiku platform and can now automatically generate two versions of a daily news digest: 

  1. An executive version for senior management featuring the 10 most relevant articles. 
  2. A 360 edition with up to 50 daily articles, featuring more detail and made available to both senior management and the rest of the company. 

Ørsted’s solution automatically filters and prioritizes sources, topics, technology, the market, competitors, and more, delivering pertinent news to the employees.

It’s only the beginning of the journey for Ørsted on how to work efficiently with AI.  Benoît Lacharme Intelligence Manager, Ørsted

Time Savings + Generative AI Visibility

The AI-driven news digest quickly gained traction and, within one week of launching, it had over 500 subscribers, and the department has ambitious growth goals set for 2025. With the ongoing summary now disseminated to a wide audience, the business is ensuring a more enhanced understanding of market dynamics. 

Automation of the news summarization process resulted in significant time savings compared to the manual approach, and the executive team can now quickly review market happenings through summarized content. 

The AI platform was brought to Ørsted because of IT’s vision to increase AI literacy and adoption via democratization of data science and machine learning. It has shown great potential of decreasing time-to-market of data science projects by accelerating the path from experimentation to production.

We are very happy that our business is engaging in and adopting this technology, and with it AI, and making it part of their digital journey and transformation. Nicolas Matteazzi Senior Lead Enterprise Architect, Architecture & Technology IT, Ørsted

What’s Ahead for Ørsted

In general, there’s a strong appetite at Ørsted to explore what Generative AI can add in terms of value generation, and Dataiku can be a catalyst for that. Ørsted’s ongoing focus is twofold:

  • Increased democratization of analytics and AI to continue to put data into the hands of its employees.
  • More macro and transformational work that involves high-value use cases within core functions such as engineering, operations, and trading, highly focused on increasing the footprint of green energy in the world. 

These two tracks work hand in hand — the first focused on productivity and building foundations and the second on moonshot use cases that drive competitive differentiation. The aim is to continuously expand the AI community, capitalizing on the momentum to drive their work forward with cutting-edge technology.  

For us, democratization of AI is about increasing AI literacy in the organization, giving people the tools and platforms they need. Heidi Østergaard Head of Digital Innovation, Ørsted

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