This plugin provides a read/write connector to interact with files in Dropbox

Plugin information

Version 1.0.1
Author Dataiku (Alex Bourret)
Released 2019-12-03
Last updated 2023-04-28
License Apache Software License
Source code Github
Reporting issues Github

How to use

  1. Go to your Dropbox’s App Console
  2. Choose Create app
  3. Choose Dropbox API
  4. Set the permission type to Full Dropbox to give access to all the user’s files or App folder to restrict the folders accessed by DSS.
  5. Name the app
  6. Click Generate in order to create the access token, and copy it
  7. In your DSS project flow, select Dataset > Dropbox
  8. Click Dropbox Filesystem
  9. In Dropbox Access Token, paste the previously copied token


Enable write (optional)

In order to write to all files (not only the app files).

  1. Edit the DATADIR/config/dip.properties file and add the following key: dku.datasets.external.no_connection.allowClear=true
  2. Share an empty directory with the Dropbox DSS app. It is important that it does not contain data you want to keep: the entire structure contained inside this directory can be deleted by the plugin.
  3. In the flow, first create your target Dropbox dataset, by selecting the Dropbox plugin in the dataset list.
  4. Browse to your target directory, name this new dataset and press create
  5. If the following message appears : An invalid argument has been encountered : Missing parameters for CSV got to the dataset Settings > Format / Preview and set Quoting style
  6. Pick the source dataset and create a sync recipe from it. Select Use existing dataset and pick your target Dropbox dataset. Finally Create recipe.

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