Dataiku for Google Cloud Platform

Deploy and Scale Rapidly in the Cloud

Get up and running with AI in the cloud with Dataiku for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and the Dataiku cloud stacks accelerator, which gives enterprises the ability to instantly deploy and seamlessly manage Dataiku in the Cloud. 

Orchestrate your Cloud Services

Everyday AI with Dataiku for GCP

Bring together expert data scientists, data engineers, operations, low-code, and no-code users, business contributors, and managers to ensure AI success. Align AI projects with key business initiatives and provide visibility and transparency for all stakeholders.

AI Developer Services

Use Dataiku to build powerful models for sentiment analysis, speech to text, text to speech, plus a host of vision services for AI developers or connect to GCP Natural Language and Vision AI services. 


Secure AI in the Cloud

With Dataiku for GCP, your AI projects are secured through a combination of Dataiku’s advanced security features and Google Cloud security. And you can leave the data where it is, eliminating data movement with push-down execution into Google’s secure, compliant storage and compute infrastructure. 

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