Dataiku + GCP:
Create & Deploy Production-Ready AI

With Dataiku and Google Cloud, everyone across the organization – not just expert data scientists and engineers – can create, deploy, and manage AI-driven data projects at scale.

Dataiku’s end-to-end data science platform deployed with Google Cloud and integrated into Google Cloud services enables organizations of any size to deliver enterprise AI in a highly scalable, robust, and collaborative environment.

  • Deploy, manage, and scale: Dataiku on Google Cloud provides rapid deployment of pre-built images, and Dataiku integration with Google Kubernetes Engine(GKE) supports the ability to scale analytical compute and realtime API-based models.
  • Maximize productivity: Dataiku allows users of all technical and non-technical levels to provide value to AI projects. Data scientists can leverage AutoML; data analysts can easily access, transform, and visualize their data; and data engineers can automate, deploy, and monitor data pipelines in an instant. 
  • Expand the reach of AI projects: Dataiku puts the power of AI within reach of all professionals in the enterprise. Dataiku offers the right tools for less technical users to manipulate and analyze large data sets and for business teams to consume insights. 
  • Increase conversion to production: New applications can be put into production in weeks instead of months or years thanks to Dataiku’s ability to streamline the entire process. From designing AI applications to operationalization, all users can have an actual business impact.

„Collaboration is really important. If we’re just a team with everyone running their own notebooks on their own machines, you can’t say ‘hey check out this thing I did a few weeks ago.’ With the power of Dataiku and GCP, we can work on projects at the same time in a way we couldn’t do before.“

— Ben Powis, Head of Data Science at MandM Direct

Dataiku + Google Cloud

Connect, visualize, transform, and analyze datasets through native connections to:

  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google Cloud SQL

Scale data pipelines and machine learning processes by leveraging GCP’s compute

  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) – including dynamically managed GKE clusters and managed Spark on Kubernetes.
  • Leverage Google BigQuery and Cloud SQL for SQL-based data prep workloads. 

Leverage Google’s AI and visualization services

  • Visualize with Looker
  • Integrations with Google Cloud NLP, Translation, Vision and more.

MandM Direct: Managing Models at Scale with Dataiku + GCP

See how MandM Direct uses Dataiku and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to build and maintain a data science practice that operationalizes 10x more models versus a code-only approach.


See Dataiku in Action

Watch the on-demand demo video to get an overview of all of Dataiku's features - from raw data to deployment production - in less than 15 minutes.


Dataiku + Snowflake

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Dataiku and Microsoft Azure

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Dataiku and AWS

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