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Collaborative Data Science

Dataiku DSS is the collaborative data science software platform for teams of data scientists, data analysts, and engineers to explore, prototype, build, and deliver their own data products more efficiently.

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"We wanted a data science platform that would allow us to solve our business use cases very quickly. Thanks to Dataiku and its collaborative platform, which is agile and flexible, data science has become the norm and is now used more widely within our organization and around the world." Cédric Sileo | Data Science Leader, Global Engineering Essilor

Code or Click

Use notebooks (Python, R, Spark, Scala, Hive, etc.) or a customizable drag-and-drop visual interface at any step of the predictive dataflow prototyping process – from wrangling to analysis to modeling.

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"If I wanted to do everything that we do manually in some other way, the chances of error, the time involved - that is a pain area which Dataiku has taken away completely. I don't have a data warehouse in one technology, ETL happening in several places, analysis happening in five different tools. This is the biggest advantage for us." Munish Malhotra | Director - Analytics & Data Science Startup Genome

Prepare & Enrich

Profile the data visually at every step of the analysis. Interactively explore and chart your data using 25+ built-in charts. Prepare, enrich, blend, and clean data using 80+ built-in functions.

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"Four to five years ago if you'd asked me what tools we're using, I would have listed 10 tools - from R to Excel to I don't know what - everything was used. We're using Dataiku now, and I think this is really a big step in terms of the professional way we can tackle projects." Michiel Jansen | Supply Chain Expert & Data Science Lead EyeOn

Model & Predict

Leverage Machine Learning technologies (Scikit-Learn, MLlib, TensorFlow, Keras, etc.) in a visual UI. Build & optimize models in Python or R and integrate any external ML library through code APIs (SageMaker, Google Cloud AI, ACS, etc.) Get instant visual & statistical feedback on model performance.

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We can now predict the future actions of our customers with a high degree of accuracy and act accordingly. Damien Garzilli Chief Data Officer, Showroomprive

Deploy & Run

Bundle your whole workflow as a single deployable package for real-time predictions with our REST API Monitor your live data in-production with dashboard and data validation policies (e.g., model metrics, drift, data consistency, etc.) If something’s off, get notified and easily roll back to a previous version.

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"For the fraud detection project [with Dataiku], we marked the model against our current strategy to confirm that it had potential. We were already doing well in fraud detection before, but the new model was definitely performing even better than the current strategy." Sami Bouguezzi | Data Scientist Marlette Funding

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