The Race Is On: Avoid & Reduce CO2 Emissions Across Your Manufacturing Sites

In this webinar, uncover the latest in the race to reduce CO2 emissions, pain points industrial and manufacturing companies face along the way, and how Dataiku’s factories electricity & CO2 emissions forecasting solutions can help mitigate them.

Western Digital: Smarter Email Categorization With NLP

Western Digital built an NLP-based system in Dataiku to categorize and better understand their emails for more efficiency (100 employee hours saved per month), reduced response time and higher customer satisfaction

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Michelin: Democratizing AI for Improved Industrial Performance

Michelin uses Dataiku to democratize AI, improving quality, maintenance, machine availability, supply chain, energy consumption, and more.

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Toyota: Pioneering the Future
of Mobility With AI

Toyota leverages Dataiku to democratize data access, accelerate AI model development and deployment, and uncover hidden insights from vast datasets.

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Solvay: Real-Time Production Cost Monitoring

Solvay uses Dataiku to monitor and improve soda ash production across 6+ plants, reducing production costs as well as energy consumption to pave the way for a sustainable business.

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