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Bring data analysts, engineers, and scientists together. Enable self-service analytics and operationalize machine learning. Get results today and build for tomorrow.

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Collaborative Data Science

Dataiku DSS is the collaborative data science software platform for teams of data scientists, data analysts, and engineers to explore, prototype, build, and deliver their own data products more efficiently.

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"Our Smart Data projects gather three key components: data, people, and technology. Dataiku DSS lets us quickly reach concrete goals in our data projects so that we can focus on added value tasks."

Florian Servaux | Smart Data Team Leader | Coyote
Illustration of collaborative data science with a workflow

Code or Click

Use notebooks (R, Python, Scala, Hive, Pig, Spark, etc.) or a customizable drag-and-drop visual interface at any step of the predictive dataflow prototyping process – from wrangling to analysis to modeling.

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"Whether you use DSS for basic data management or for advanced predictive analytics, the tool is complete and easy to use."

Laurent Kobrin | CIO | UGC
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Prepare & Enrich

Profile the data visually at every step of the analysis.
Interactively explore and chart your data using 20+ charts.
Prepare, enrich, blend, and clean data using 80+ built-in functions.

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"Dataiku DSS slashed the amount of time it took to analyze our data, produce a working model, and deploy a solution, all while improving the accuracy of our predictions."

John Enderle | Data Scientist | Intermedix
Product presentation showing preparation and enriching of data

Model & Predict

Leverage Machine Learning technologies (Keras, Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, MLlib, XGboost, H2O, etc.) in a visual UI.
Build & optimize models in Python or R and integrate any external ML library through code APIs (SageMaker, Google Cloud AI, ACS, etc.).
Get instant visual & statistical feedback on model performance.

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"We can now predict the future actions of our customers with a high degree of accuracy and act accordingly."

Damien Garzilli | Chief Data Officer | Showroomprive
Product presentation of predictive modelling features

Deploy & Run

Bundle your whole workflow as a single deployable package for real-time predictions with our REST API.
Monitor your live data in-production with dashboard and data validation policies (e.g., model metrics, drift, data consistency, etc.)
If something’s off, get notified and easily roll back to a previous version

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"Thanks to Dataiku DSS, we've internalized the whole process from raw data to innovative customer-facing products and solutions."

Christophe Vassallo | CTO | AramisAuto
Product presentation of dashboards
Product presentation showing a workflow