Dataiku AI Lab

The gap between machine learning research and how today's organizations are actually leveraging machine learning can be wide. Enter: the Dataiku AI Lab. Our team of experts builds bridges between machine learning research and practical business applications to accelerate our customers' journey to Everyday AI.

What Is the Dataiku AI Lab?

The Dataiku AI Lab is a team of researchers that develops robust and generic state-of-the-art machine learning methods to enable trustworthy, real-life applications. The team has a broad range of interests, from active learning to uncertainty estimation, data shifts to casual ML, and more. Learn about a few of the team’s current projects below.

Current Research: Addressing Dataset Shift

Machine learning model lifecycles are complex and ever evolving. When data changes or drifts, whether naturally or adversarially, it can impact a model’s performance. We need to not only detect data drift but also estimate model performance drop. Check out Dataiku AI Lab’s latest papers on this topic:

MLOps with Dataiku

Current Research: Exploring Active Learning

When unlabeled data is abundant but labeling resources are limited, active learning leverages knowledge from the model to select samples that maximize the model performance. Dataiku AI Lab has published the following papers on active learning:

We also open source our Python package, Cardinal.

ML Assisted Labeling with Dataiku

Meet the team

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Engineering at Dataiku

A look into how the R&D team works at Dataiku and what makes it special. TLDR: We prioritize quality of product and people's lives over deadlines.

Engineering at Dataiku