Roche: Leveraging AI for Better Personalized Healthcare

Roche uses Dataiku as their data science workbench for use cases in personalized healthcare, manufacturing, sales, and finance.

The following Q&A occurred during the Everyday AI Conference in Frankfurt.

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Interview of Mohammadjavad Faraji, Data Science Lead at Roche

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How Do You Use AI to Create Value?

We leverage AI in almost all different functions along the value chain. Since Roche is in the healthcare industry, we also leverage AI for personalized healthcare, as well as many other supporting functions including manufacturing, the commercial space, and finance. So we use AI almost everywhere.

How Do You Use Dataiku?

We work with Dataiku and leverage it as a data science workbench in some of the use cases we are currently working on. Some of these use cases are for experimentation and others are for production. 

Which Next Steps Does Roche Envision to Leverage More AI in Biomanufacturing? 

One of the next steps is definitely to unleash the power of AI for different use cases that we have in different functions along the value chain including the R&D space. For example, for personalized healthcare, we have to do a lot of things. This includes increasing awareness for people in the organization to understand how to leverage AI and working with other colleagues, especially in the regulatory and compliance teams, to make sure that we can actually operationalize those AI solutions. 

What Does Everyday AI Mean to You? 

Everyday AI means everyone uses AI every day. So that’s basically the scaling up of AI for enterprises such as Roche and many other companies in different industries.


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