Merck: Driving Enterprise-Level Data Democratization

Merck uses Dataiku across a wide range of use cases, from forecasting to NLP and computer vision, driving higher productivity and better decision-making across the business.


Average productivity gains reported by Dataiku users across Merck


Of users say Dataiku has enabled them to do something they couldn’t do before with data


More digitalization and continuous medical advances means more and more enterprise data. Unfortunately, without a way to take action on it, the data doesn’t automatically translate into increasingly more value. 

Before Dataiku, Merck was facing challenges around data silos, collaboration, and the ability to empower employees with data-driven insights. While they wanted to achieve enterprise-wide data democratization at scale, they also had to keep governance and policies in mind. In addition, they needed a tool that would be usable across personas, including those who were no- or low-code users as well as those who prefer coding languages like Python, Scala, R, etc.

Why Merck Chose Dataiku

Merck chose Dataiku for its low- and no-code capabilities, from data ingestions to advanced analytics. Today, they leverage Dataiku for four main initiatives at the company:

  1. Data Accessibility: With Dataiku, anyone at Merck can integrate relevant data from various sources across the organization with minimal dependencies on technical teams.
  2. Self-Service Analytics: Dataiku empowers employees to explore, analyze, and visualize data on their own. This includes people with no or minimal technical skills. 
  3. Data Governance: Dataiku facilitates the establishment of guidelines, policies, and procedures for data management to ensure quality, security, and compliance.
  4. Training and Enablement: Dataiku supports Merck’s overall data science literacy goal with comprehensive training and enablement programs to onboard employees with the necessary information, skills, and support.

How Training Helped

A learning path was devised to improve on overall data science literacy using Dataiku, designed with SME help from Dataiku Academy. This includes training the trainer, certification drives, hands-on workshops, webinars, and similar periodic events — followed by a simple user and project onboarding experience.

Tangible Benefits of Dataiku

Across their four initiatives, Merck has seen significant benefits, including a 39% productivity gain reported by Dataiku users across their data tasks. With further efforts on comprehensive adoption and structured platform services, Merck is aiming to reach 60%+ productivity gains in upcoming phases. In addition, 79% of Dataiku users reported being able to work with data in ways that were not possible before. 

Dataiku as a low-/no-code MLOps technology has enabled Merck to achieve hyper-productivity and agility through quick prototyping, testing, iterating and industrialization of projects. These projects include a wide range of use cases in the areas of forecasting, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and computer vision.

In Dataiku, users can easily and securely interact with various enterprise data sources — both on-premise and  cloud — which is a plus for data pipelines. Dataiku’s collaborative visual interface enables data science teams to work hand-in-hand with the business on building and editing workflows, which has improved complex projects overall.

Aside from productivity, Merck’s partnership with Dataiku has successfully enabled a wider range of employees to access and analyze data, promoting a culture of informed decision-making and driving better outcomes. With better access to relevant data, employees from different departments can collaborate, share insights, and work together, enhancing problem-solving and speed. What’s more, business users can quickly explore and interpret data on their own with no or minimal interventions from IT, resulting in improved agility and responsiveness to evolving needs and market trends.

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