Lloyds Banking Group: Practical Application of Fairness

What actually is fairness? Luke Vilain, Data Ethics Senior Manager at Lloyds Banking Group, speaks at Everyday AI London on what it is and how it can be achieved.
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Rabobank: Ethical Enterprise AI – A Guideline or Compass?

In this EGG talk, Martin Leijen shares how Rabobank determines and protects their privacy and ethical standards, as well as how financial institutions can we effectively maintain a firm commitment to moral and ethical standards while at the same time encouraging a strong drive to optimize business opportunities and profitability.

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Royal Bank of Canada — Bringing Together Auditors & Analysts in a Control Testing Framework

Learn how RBC's Internal Audit team leveraged Dataiku's platform to improve processes and audit Control Tests.

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How The Law Society of BC Uses Dataiku for Risk Ranking and Anomaly Detection

Learn how a team at The Law Society of BC uses Dataiku to increase reporting efficiency and provide an additional risk analysis of law firms to optimize their overall audit capabilities.

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3 Key Pillars to Scaling AI Successfully

In this webinar, uncover key ingredients for safely achieving AI at scale via AI Governance, operationalization, and oversight of AI initiatives.

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