Thrive SPC Uses Dataiku, Snowflake, and Snow Fox Data to Improve Clinical Home Care

By moving to Dataiku and working with Dataiku partners, Snowflake and Snow Fox Data, Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care (Thrive SPC) has been able to advance from complicated spreadsheets to a central platform that provides clear insights and metrics to fuel their data-driven healthcare solutions.

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PON: Moving Your Data Science Stack to Dataiku

PON has successfully migrated its data science stack to Dataiku in order to manage the data of seven robust business activities (i.e., automotive, bikes, equipment and power systems, industrial mobility, agriculture products and services, Ponooc, and Move Amsterdam) to work more effectively.

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Pfizer: Everyday AI Is A Journey,
Not A Destination

Debbie Reynolds, VP Enterprise Data Solutions and Engineering at Pfizer, discusses how the company has been able to put data at the core of everyday business decisions.

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U.S. Venture + Dataiku: Upskilling Analysts to Save Thousands of Hours

The Data and Analytics team at U.S. Venture was built to usher the company into the future of data science and AI. See how they use Dataiku to streamline their data efforts, implement a culture of reuse, and drastically save time (i.e., a warehouse optimization solution that saves data scientists and analysts over 95% of time).

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Bankers’ Bank + Dataiku: Goodbye Data Silos, Hello Analytics Efficiency

Organizations worldwide consistently cite data quality and speed-to-insights as their biggest challenges. Bankers’ Bank leverages Dataiku to increase efficiency and ensure data quality across an array of financial analytics, ultimately reducing the time to prepare analyses and deploy insights by 87%.

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Introduction to Dataiku 11

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