Whataburger: Using LLMs to Hear What Customers Are Saying

U.S.-based regional fast food chain Whataburger — with over 1,000 restaurants across 15 states — has a high-visibility dashboard that analyzes thousands of online and internal customer reviews. See how they used LLMs in Dataiku to extract key information from the reviews and build the dashboard.

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Moderna: AI for Targeted & Actionable Medical Insights

Moderna's on-demand AI model designed with Dataiku revolutionized the company’s day-to-day operations by surfacing insights in days while also saving analysts 40+ hours per month.

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Macquarie: Powering Risk Management With Dataiku Govern

See how Macquarie uses Dataiku Govern to shift from IT-dependent to business-driven and owned outcomes, including controlled, governed workflows.

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NESIC: Leveraging Process Mining and Cluster Analysis to Optimize Sales

Discover how NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation revolutionizes sales efficiency and staff allocation with 10 essential process patterns extracted through mining data from business meetings.

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One Acre Fund: Streamlining Processes to Help Remote Farmers

One Acre Fund’s country teams implemented automated processes and streamlined data management to help farmers in remote areas.

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Video | June 27, 2023

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