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Health Care Industry

There are few places where information is more crucial than in the health care industry, where data, and misuse of it, can literally mean the difference between life and death.
As of a matter of fact, health care data is flowing from everywhere: social media/web data, machine2machine data, transactional data, biometric data, genomic data, human-generated data... DSS offers you a chance to set up interoperability between your data flows to deliver a unique, collaborative flow enabling live analytic learning in various areas.

ETL and Claim Processing for Health Care Payers and Providers

So as to make care coordination possible, use DSS to clean, aggregate, and transform data from numerous health IT systems. That’s right, Data Science Studio makes handling medical data easy. Users can import data from EHR, connect to data in standard health care formats (e.g. HL7 FHIR), and blend it with the latest medical research.

Maximizing Service Value in a Value-Based Care World

In a health care market where Value-Based Care is the dominant paradigm, DSS will enable you to maximize service value by building highly specific services that transform raw data into solutions for fraud detection, staffing optimization, physician profiling, customer and employee churn reduction, predictive maintenance, no-show forecasting, and much more.

Better Care Means Healthier Patients and a Happy Staff

With DSS helping them to optimize clinical care, improve patient safety, and expand potential for precision medicine, health care providers are sure to deliver better care.

Health Knowledge and Awareness for Smart Care Processes

Finally, Data Science Studio can help any health care player to develop health knowledge and awareness, in strengthening consumer engagement, developing advanced population health strategies, and favoring open transparency.


User Feedback

“We appreciate Data Science Studio’s capacity to handle important volumes of data, and the tool’s openness towards the functioning of the algorithms."

Yves-Marie Pondaven

CTO – Parkeon

“We adopted DSS for its capacity to analyze pre-selected varieties of data and to visually and dynamically represent the results. With DSS, we’ve successfully developed a powerful Big Data reporting platform.”

Olivier Amprimo

Director, Collaborative Development, HR, Operations - L'Oreal

“With DSS, we built an app in only 3 months that enabled a 30% boost in our team’s productivity. We were able to adopt Hadoop and Machine Learning faster than we had anticipated."

Erwan Pigneul

Project Manager - Pages Jaunes