Streamlined GxP Workflows

Streamline your organization’s GxP-compliant data activities. Centralize progress, roles, sign-off, data project relationship and other major KPIs while accelerating efficiency of your data projects.

Business Overview

Pharmaceutical, food,  automotive and other goods manufacturing companies must follow Good “fill-in-the-blank” Practices (GxP) to ensure they bring safe and effective products to market. One of the many guidelines they have to comply with relates to the full traceability of data practices leading to a given decision – for instance, on running the appropriate clinical trials to validate a new drug, or the right tests to support development of a new car. Providing eased capacity to ensure traceability on roles, responsibility, quality, data project hierarchy and more becomes a critical accelerator for such companies.

Maintaining integrity of GxP data practices and proactively managing related risk is often manual and time consuming, with failure to comply with GxP guidelines resulting in fines, loss of market share and shutdowns. It is assessed that validation costs traditionally represent 25% of the total project cost.

Dataiku’s Streamlined GxP Workflows Solution, includes 6 customizable templates to provide visibility and oversight on roles and responsibilities of people working with data, the sensitivity and quality of that data, and the analysis actions taken at every step with centralisation of mandatory documentation and sign-off. By combining these governance templates with Dataiku’s unique  platform capabilities, organizations with GxP processes can accelerate on both speeding time to value of all employees involved in data and analytics processes while reducing the burden of compliance enforcement.


  • Easily review the governance milestones of a GxP project to gain a fuller understanding of the project status at a given time.
  • Gain visibility over users’ roles, permissions and datasets access rights through a simple and intuitive governance workflow.
  • Manage stakeholder sign-off by centralizing decision-making through a unified governance process across teams.
  • Adjust the workflows according to your own requirements to align analysis project oversight to GxP guidelines and Part 11.  
  • Create an auditable log of documents and activities to track data and analytics integrity  by centralizing and unifying documentation with data and analyses.
  • Apply post-deployment monitoring of projects using Dataiku’s model and project versions registries.