NLP Information Extraction from Daily Drilling Reports With SLB

Automated extraction of information from Daily Drilling Reports and generating insights relevant to the drill planning process ‎‎‎

Business Overview

Drilling represents the culmination of an intensive process; only by drilling a well can a prospect be validated. As the bit bores deeper into the earth, each additional length of drillpipe is connected to the previous joint, and the drillstring grows progressively longer. Drilling fluid, or mud, is pumped downhole to cool and lubricate the bit. The bit’s cutting surfaces gradually wear down as they grind away the rock, slowing the rate of penetration (ROP). 

Drilling Engineers typically spend significant time in analyzing Daily Drilling Report (DDR) to perform offset well analysis manually. DDR is a detailed record of the drilling operations performed at a well site during a 24-hour period. It contains important information such as the drilling progress, the equipment used, the geological formations encountered, and any problems or incidents that occurred during the drilling process. Offset well analysis is a technique used in the industry to analyze the geological characteristics of nearby oil and gas wells, known as offset wells, to gain insights into the potential events likely to be encountered while drilling a new well. 

Since DDRs are mainly stored as PDF files, manually extracting valuable information from PDFs is a long, painstaking, and error-prone task that cannot be scaled easily. Automating this process allows drilling engineers to gain insights from benchmarking drilling performance from offset wells to gain a fair understanding and plan for risks on the current drilled well; to analyze the bit performance of offset wells by choosing the best bit to optimize ROP value; and to perform non-productive time analysis, and visualize time breakdowns.


  • Drilling engineers can make data-backed decisions about effective risk management, bit selection, and well-time estimation…. 
  • Transform Daily Drilling Reports into actionable insights by extracting casing summary, well summary, bit summary, and operation summary…
  • Extracted insights can be used, analyzed, and visualized through customizable dashboards.
  • Gain insights into multiple aspects, such as benchmarking drilling performance from offset wells and the bit performance to optimize ROP value and perform NPT analysis.