Dataiku for Generative AI

With Dataiku, teams can move beyond the lab and build real and safe Generative AI applications at enterprise scale. Dataiku brings enterprise-grade development tools, pre-built use cases, and AI-powered assistants to help everyone do more with Generative AI.
“Dataiku was conceived for this moment. Our founding vision was to democratize data and create a platform that allows organizations to seamlessly weave machine learning and AI innovations into their business. Our Generative AI capabilities deliver on this by unlocking the transformative potential of GenAI in every organization." Florian Douetteau Co-Founder and CEO of Dataiku.

Enterprise-Grade Prompt Engineering

Build large language model (LLM)-augmented projects with prompt engineering using Dataiku’s Prompt Studios. Design, compare and operationalize high-performing, programmatic, and reusable prompts. (coming soon)

AI-Powered Data Preparation

Dataiku’s AI Prepare allows users to simply describe the data transformation they would like to see, and the AI assistant generates the necessary data preparation steps. (coming soon)

Generative AI Use Case Collection

The Dataiku Generative AI Use Case Collection includes new Generative AI-powered use cases like Next Best Offer Emails, Predictive Maintenance, IT Ticket Email Answers, Product Recommendation Emails, and more!

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Responsible and Governed Generative AI

As teams move beyond the lab with Generative AI, Dataiku continues to invest in built-in explainability, responsible AI, and governance capabilities to build robust, enterprise-grade AI projects that everyone can trust.

The New RAFT Framework — available now — provides actionable steps that enterprises can take to be ready for future regulation.

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Integrations With Generative AI Services

Dataiku includes integrations to leading Generative AI services like OpenAI’s ChatGPT with more coming soon. With Dataiku’s technology and algorithm-agnostic approach, your team will always have access to the best Generative AI services and models giving you maximum agility and performance at the best cost to meet your business needs.

No-Code Generative AI Recipes

Dataiku now offers visual, no-code recipes including entity extraction, sentiment analysis, text summarization and classification running on your preferred Generative AI services.

Building real AI-powered projects with LLMs is fast and easy with Dataiku recipes.

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