Schlumberger AI Cloud Platform: Unlocking AI for the Energy Sector with Dataiku

Dataiku’s end-to-end data science platform integrated with the DELFI environment from Schlumberger, a suite of solutions and products for the energy industry, enables operators of all types to stimulate the creativity of their engineers bringing concepts to life and at scale.
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Through their partnership, Dataiku and Schlumberger offer the energy industry a leading AI platform integrated with cross-domain engineering workflows. We’ve enabled the proliferation of a new breed of digital experts – now, everyone in the energy sector can build AI. Geoscientists and engineers can create, deploy, and manage AI-driven physics-based domain solutions globally.

Dataiku’s end-to-end data science platform deployed on DELFI accelerates existing domain workflows and enables organizations of any size to deliver enterprise AI in a highly scalable, powerful, and collaborative environment.



Fusing AI and Science

Together Dataiku and Schlumberger offer customers the possibility to:
  • Build fit-for-purpose AI infused workflows.
  • Accelerate organizations’ transition to industry 4.0 by providing geoscientists and engineers the capacity to be autonomous in their ability to develop and deploy AI in their workflows.
  • Create a collaborative environment where technical experts are stimulated and creative while data and computer scientists can mature promising concepts into operationalized solutions.
  • Evolve your AI solutions quickly and easily from inception to production.



Integration Highlights

  • Seamlessly integrated into the DELFI environment deployable on Google Cloud, Azure, or IBM OpenShift.
  • Scalable compute to optimize your AI workflows.
  • Directly connected with the industry OSDU™ Data Platform.
  • Enhanced user experience connecting data sources with machine learning experimentation through frictionless geographic information system (GIS) viewing interfaces.



Schlumberger Living Digital: Episode 1 - President or Coder?

Artificial Intelligence promises to help E&P professionals perform everyday tasks faster, better and at a much bigger scale. But what does that actually look like and how difficult is it? Schlumberger Software president Trygve Randen finds out – in a 1-2-1 tutorial with Florian Douetteau from AI leader Dataiku.

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The DELFI cognitive E&P environment is enriched with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and industry-leading analytics. This is the first step in empowering you with a broad range of cognitive capabilities, in time we will go further than AI - there’s much more to come soon.

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The Total Economic Impact™️
Of Dataiku

A composite organization in the commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dataiku saw the following benefits:

70 %+

reduction in time spent on data analysis, extraction, and preparation.

42 %

reduction in time spent on model lifecycle activities (training, deployment, and monitoring).

413 %

return on investment

$ 23 .5M

net present value over three years.