Google Sheets Plugin

This plugin provides a read and write connector to interact in your Dataiku DSS projects with Google Sheets documents, that are commonly named spreadsheets.

A simple connector to read a sheet from a Google Sheets document

Retrieving a spreadsheet in DSS.

Plugin information

AuthorDataiku (Jérémy Grèze)
Last updated2018-12-18
LicenseApache Software License
Source codeGithub
Reporting issuesGithub

How to use

You need to install the plugin in Dataiku DSS. Go to the Administration > Plugins page. The plugin requires the installation of a code environment.

Create a new dataset using the plugin. You have 4 parameters to fill. Click on the button Test & Get schema button. Then, save and explore.

In order to use the plugin, you will need service account's credentials exported in a JSON file with the Sheets API enabled. To generate this JSON, do the following:

  1. Open the Service accounts page in the Google API Console. Create a new project (or select an existing one).

  2. Click Create service account. Choose a name for the service account, go through the process, and click Create key and choose JSON for the key type. Your browser will download the key. Click Done to finish the creation of the service account.

  3. Open the JSON key in a text editor and copy-paste the full content of the file in the dataset settings.

    Also, take note of the service account's email address (in the form [email protected]). Share the spreadsheet you want to connect with this email address.

  4. Open the Google Sheets API in the API Library section of the Google API Console. Make sure you are using the same project than previously. Click on Enable API.

  5. Done. You can now configure your dataset in Dataiku DSS. Note that the service account can be reused for several datasets/sheets.

More information about this plugin is available here.